SensoPlus bvba was founded by general manager, Geert Heyvaert, in 2000.


SensoPlus is now a well-known company  specialized  in the field of industrial  automation   products. Our  sales department includes thousands of types of  standard  and  custom products  in proximity  sensors, photoelectric sensors, connector  cables,  switching  power  supplies,  signal light  towers  and  various other products  for industrial automation applications. Our products  are known  for its quality, durability and affordability.


We not only offer a wide range of advanced, high quality products to our customers, but at the same


 time, we remain flexible to strive to meet the demands of our customers. We are always ready to take on


 special requests of our customers, whether it involves further development of our current products, or


investing in the development of new products.




SensoPlus constantly seeks to provide satisfying to our customers, and will always keep trying harder in the future.


 What good does it do us? Well, it is always good to see you smile.


                             SensoPlus bvba  -  Hulststraat 11  -  9280  Lebbeke  -  Belgium  -  Phone: +32 52 354480